About Our Village

Fun at Home!

You can now help support your local BusyKids Location by bringing the fun home! You can find a variety of games, activities, crafts and more on our Fun At Home Page - from seasonal sensory bins and STEM kits to handmade items and BusyKids merch.

Gift Cards

BusyKids Gift Cards make great gifts that offer a memorable experience, and help introduce new families to our whimsical world of play!

Our Mission

BusyKids is on a mission to create whimsy and magic for grown ups and their children, to develop a safe place where families and children can work, learn, share and gather. Based on extensive research in the field of early childhood education, brain development and years of experience with children, our exhibits are based on how children learn most effectively: Social Constructiveness. Allowing young children to explore their own creativity and imagination also allows them to explore opportunity, inspiration and education in a whole new way, all the while building confidence and community.

Different enrichment classes, events or groups are offered for guided exploration of various art forms, expression, and personal or educational development - not only for children but grown ups as well! We offer parties and field trips that support the same philosophy.

Children here have free range with the supervision of a grown up which allows promotion of comfort and sense of belonging in the community. Our educational philosophy is passion and research driven, a beautiful blend of Waldorf and Reggio. BusyKids is experience rich and will positively help families and young children learn in a way that is lasting and fosters a life-long love for learning.


BusyKids was created to provide families with a meaningful play experience and show our passion for community development. We adopted the motto "It Takes A Village" in 2015 when creating our vision to bridge the gaps of time and space with our children. We are a beautiful play town where hard-at-work children create their own worlds or imitate the grown ups they admire and their real lives through pretend play. Families and friends have an oasis where they are able to come together to work, celebrate, and learn through play, music, art and literacy. We strive to provide a peaceful and restorative experience full of whimsy and magic for everyone who walks through our doors.

About the Owner

BusyKids Owner Jessica

Jessica has a passion for educating, inspiring, and supporting young children and grown ups alike. She is an active IBCLC and birth professional, substitute teacher, and takes great pride in serving her community and family. Jessica believes it truly takes a village and recognizes that our children are our future. Owning and operating BusyKids is a dream come true and it is a privilege to hold space for those who visit.

Giving Back

It has always been important to Jessica to serve our community as she does her family. Portions of profit are donated to Lymelight Foundation in honor of the owner’s mother who has Lyme disease. Seeing the debilitating effects of Lyme first hand motivated Jessica to help children who cannot afford Lyme treatment. BusyKids birthday parties and play passes are donated daily to local schools, children’s groups, as well as families in need of a safe space to come sip, learn, play, and relax during less than ideal times or post trauma.


BusyKids Play Town and Coffee Shop is donating a portion of their proceeds in honor of the owner’s mother who has Lyme disease. Seeing the debilitating effects of Lyme first hand motivated Jessica to help others who are suffering. Lymelight raises hope for children and families with Lyme. Donate with us, every $1 adds up to grow this incredible cause.


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