Plan Your Visit

At BusyKids, we have a number of imaginative play spaces for children. The exhibits are based on small or historical businesses in Folsom and surrounding areas, replicating a miniature town. We offer a unique, hands on indoor play experience that children will want to return to again and again, engaging their creativity all year round.

We offer grown ups a large waiting area with our new full service espresso bar and mini cafe, where you can relax and supervise in comfort - utilizing our free WiFi and enjoying coffee, tea or adult beverages available for sale while your children are hard at play.

BusyKids also offers yoga, birthday parties, field trips, story time, art lab and a variety of other special events and classes for children and families year round!


We are so happy to announce that we are open for Scheduled Private Play and Scheduled Capacity Play. The cost of admission is now $12/child. Memberships are $35/child and include a monthly gift, and 10% off of all purchases. Each child can be accompanied by one grown up, additional grown ups are $5.

Scheduled play can be groups of 2-20 people total and you must book in advance. To book, call us 916-608-8850.

We are also now accepting party reservations for groups of 20 or less. Parties will be available on Saturdays. We can help you get a live stream set up to be sure everyone can be included, and you and your family is well taken care of!

Our coffee shop is still open and our fun at home options are still available!

Please read the following steps on what to expect when coming to play - we are so excited to play again and it is an honor to continue to serve you!

1. Hand sanitizer will be on a table outside for you to use before entering the building, non toxic hand sanitizer made with 70% alcohol is an option available upon request at booking.

2. Shoes off at the front door, hand washing in sink required before check in. Check in at coffee shop as usual and you will receive a table reservation, please

note that some tables are taped off to keep physical awareness of distance in mind. We have reservation signs with a symbol on them for your child to be able to easily identify 'home base' for the session. If you purchased a drink or snacks upon booking, these items will be ready for you at check in.

3. Play is still child led until session is over with 1 hand washing reminder during the session and one goodbye clean up song at 15 minute before end of session mark.

4. Each session all small toys will be switched out, for sanitizing with our antimicrobial cleaning rags lined with silver that cuts through bacteria. We have split the toys in half by two groups, but not to worry! We have plenty of toys and with lower numbers of children coming in there is more than enough to continue to learn and play as before. The art studio will be closed, but children may choose specific activities to bring to their tables and take home.

5. Big items that can not be switched out will be sanitized with Force of Nature non-toxic and EPA registered disinfectant. The active antimicrobial ingredient, hypochlorous acid, is the same substance your immune system produces to fight infection. The hypocholrous acid, vinegar, water and salt is a combo that electrolyzes and turns into non toxic bleach. It smells like chlorine, but it is safe for kids to touch/put objects that have been touched by it in their mouth. You can refer to more information here

6. Our coffee shop is open, and will remain open for curbside only when scheduled private play is in session.

7. Please check out our fun at home retail section while you are in!

8. Private Play Sessions are Tuesdays and Saturdays. Tuesday play sessions are 75 minutes, Saturday sessions are set up like parties. We have kept private days to make sure everyone is still comfortable, and that we are phasing into this with everyone's comfort and safety in mind.

9. Other policies: No free play passes can be accepted at this time. If we are full for your desired play time, there is an option to be added to wait list. Your reservation is a non - refundable or transferable deposit, no exceptions. Members can do one session per private day and two sessions per low capacity day, price per child for each session beyond this is $5. No show members will be charged $5/ no show. Please review our sick poilcy by scrolling down on this page.

10. Thank you for your support and please remember this is all new for everyone. Our top priority continues to be the health and safety of our guests and team. We are open to more ideas and appreciate your kindness in advance.

Private Play Sessions - Tuesday


Capacity Play M-F, Sun and Party Saturdays



Children older than one year usually have a great time at BusyKids, but we never charge for children who do not play. Grown ups usually don't pay admission at BusyKids. Please see the message at the top of this page under C19 TWIST for current admission information.

Regular Admission

Children Under 2


We can't wair for $7.00 Wednesdays to be back soon!

General Admission Only $7.00 Every Wednesday Until Noon

Rules & Guidelines

We take pride in providing a clean and safe play environment for your children. Please look over our rules & guidelines prior to visiting to ensure your child has a great experience.


  • If you know you or your child is sick or may be sick, please refrain from visiting until 14 days after the last symptom presented. If the child is coughing, has a runny nose or appears to have symptoms of possible illness we will send home and ask to come back to play another day. If you have been around someone who has reported their illness to you in the last 14 days, please come back and play again after 14 days of being in contact with them and no presentation of illness in yourself.
  • Sick Policy: If you know your child is sick or may be sick, please refrain from visiting until 48 hours after the last symptom presented.


  • ALL children must be accompanied by an adult at all times, and all adults must be accompanied by a child.
  • To maintain a clean environment, we ask that shoes be stored in the provided storage spaces. Socks are available for purchase if needed.
  • Keep speeds safe and slow while moving about in the facility.
  • Food and beverages are permitted in the lounge and lobby. No food or drinks in the exhibits.
  • No animals allowed. Service animals only.
  • Abusive or obscene language is prohibited.
  • Please return all props to their proper place and hang all costumes after playing with them.
  • Please be courteous to the visitors around you.
  • Parents are encouraged to interact and play in the exhibits with their children.
  • Please take your artwork home with you.
  • Be gentle with our facility so that we can preserve its beauty for years to come.

BusyKids Memberships

Looking to become a BusyKids Member? BusyKids offers exclusive member discounts, one guest pass, monthly gift, and unlimited play.

Please see the message at the top of this page under C19 TWIST for current membership information.

1 Child
$35.00 / Month

2 Children
$60.00 / Month

3+ Children
$80.00 / Month

Parties @ BusyKids

BusyKids indoor party center is the perfect place to host your child’s party, event, or celebration! Whether it’s a birthday party, team event, or a special occasion celebration, we will make your party wishes come true!

Please see the message at the top of this page under C19 TWIST for current party information.

Groups & Field Trips

BusyKids is the perfect setting for field trips, group visits and other events. We offer a discounted rate of $7 per child for groups of 10+. We can also open early for a 15 child minimum.